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Google is 'colorist' and it's your fault Jeff! - Isabelle

Submitted by afrocentric on Wed, 20/07/2016 - 11:03

Isabelle, my Eleanor of Aquitaine, my favourite French queen. She IS French. You must know by now that I do have a thing for Isabelles.
Isabelle's features tell me she is African but she has very long fine hair which would lead one to suspect that she is Asian. She can be quite light in complexion but tans very well. I'd place her origins her roots in the West African Sahel or North Africa. Her unusually fine hair and her tendency towards newborn baby lightness of complexion when she loses her tan tempts me to say she is mixed with something but I will come down in favour of being wholly African. I have noticed a number of Africans with such traits. Then again, as people from those parts of African tend to be Muslim, there could be a possible Caribbean dimension. This must be the first time that colorism has favoured the darker-skinned woman. Yes there is a first for everything. Thanks to Google. 'good on yer'

Things got rather mixed up here because I didn't know how much difference switching the URL could make. I started on this project 2 months ago but if I want to present the info in an organized manner it will take forever. I'm just dumping the stuff here and will sort it out later.

This image is one of the first searches based on the thumbnail. This is a first. The algos come to the conclusion that Isabelle is an African woman. Now African and Beauty = Lupita, and the darker skinned women seen to outnumber the lighter women. It just shows the power of the Lupita phenomenon, where Beauty and Black or African means Lupita. Over half of the images are of Lupita. It makes one wonder whether the dominance of Lupita is due to the image or it is more one of word association. I told you this is a first. The very first time on the planet colorism has favoured the darker skinned woman. The algos clearly do not see the distinction between Isabelle's red ochre and Lupita's ebony, making it clear the images are of word association than image.

Isabelle Thumb

Here is another but based on the fuller image.

It looks like Google doesn't know where to fit Isabelle's complexion. With Isabelle looking both African and Indian, Google goes for lighter Indian women or darker African women, seemingly unable match Isabelle's complexion properly, with Rihanna and the woman at the top right of the first pic looking close enough.

Isabelle Full - Google Co UK, Knows They Are Black - Initial

In the picture below Google is beginning to match more Indian women. I don't know which Google URL I used, but I suspect it was different. I have some of the pics with the full URLs bookmarked or in the cache. Google still hasn't matched Isabelle's complexion. It also looks like Isabelle's hair parting and texture hair is a factor in the matching of the Indian women

Isabelle Thumb - Google Com Small, Initial

I think Indian women become to show up more after I changed to This where the colorism kicks in. It seems Google's search associate Isabelle's image with Indian women in the UK than in the US, unsurprising given the relatively high Indian population in the UK.

Isabelle Full - Mark 1 - Colorist India

Now Google, how about Indian women such as these? You ARE colorist. Now you know.

I suggest you take some time to view them.     SLOWLY

Then judge how colorist you must be.

UPDATE: I totally forgot about our Great Moorish Queen, our reluctant queen, currently the best known hijabi on the planet - none other than our own Nadiya Begum Hussain. How could I have forgotten her? I found this picture I had to use just to show off the beautiful brown skin of her hands. I will save her beautiful brown hands for another post.

Together with Hodan, Mahubo and Asha Everyday I think I am developing a thing for Muslim women.

Nadiya Hussein

My Moorish Queen - Nadiya Hussein

Sapna Parikh, MD

The Delightful AJ Franklin

The Delightful AJ - with such a sparkle in her eye

And last but not the least, Isabelle herself. After all she is the subject of this blog post.


Now Jeff, what say you?

On to a few more points to round it all of.

  • It is so hard to find ebony-complexioned Indian women posing as models, or pics on social media. It is so hard finding any of them although you know they are there. The Tamils and the other darker-complexioned Indians must be hiding their women or keeping them to themselves. I once remarked to a very dark-complexioned Indian guy how pretty his sister might look and the dude was so enraged he threatened to kill me on the spot. YES HE DID. I kid thee not. The dude was so enraged it took him a few minutes to calm down. So if you guys have pretty sisters who are the very image of Draupadi you can keep them to yourselves. I don't want any trouble but I am sure they will find me a very handsome guy. On second thoughts it may be a good idea to find some ebony Somali women with naturally straight hair to pose as Indian women, or just get some West African women with hair extensions. The hair extensions are from are from India in any case. No one will notice the difference. I remember watching Sharon and Archana and having a funny feeling I couldn't quite place, then I realized that I found it odd that they were wearing hair extensions when in they had naturally straight hair. I know I shouldn't be saying this, but this is why Asian women shouldn't sell their hair to African women. When black Asian women loosen their hair it makes it look like they are wearing hair extensions. In order to be safe they ought to pull it back and wear a long ponytail or bun as they usually do, that way there is no confusion. I am going to get caned for saying this.
  • Sharon Muthu

  • I am sure some of you guys are looking at the last picture of Sharon Muthu and wondering what is going on. I admit to having a crush on Sharon Muthu and could gaze longingly at that beauty forever, but it is not what you guys think it is.

    If you really, really want to know you can follow this link, but there is nothing to it. I am telling you but you still won't believe me, so just go take a look. The lady is so well spoken, expressive and so eloquent. Did she have an British voice coach or something? Even just listening to her speak Tamil with what sounds like an American accent is like hearing the rush of water in an enchanted stream in a mystical forest. And she has such a well-rounded figure too. I am totally smitten. Never have I seen such a perfect combination of skin tone and lipstick. It is so subdued yet fits together perfectly.

  • Lest I forget the most beautiful Isabelle, my Eleanor of Aquitaine, my most gracious French noblewoman. More of her here, where with her dazzling enchanting presence she inspires an equally beautiful bevy of French ladies to dance right across Paris for the love her Lord Krishna.
  • There is a truly beautiful Indian woman working locally. If I see her and I can get her to pose for a pic you guys are in for a treat. She is the very incarnation of Sita.
  • PS. I couldn't locate Streatham's finest. She's probably moved on to better things outside Streatham, but I found Sapna Parikh, MD. Yes a real MD, which makes her even more better.

    PPS. With respect to Nadia I know some Bangladeshis don't like to be called Indian, but you know I mean India the sub-continent, not the state.
  • Isabelle
    Isabelle - Again

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