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How right is David Carroll?

Submitted by afrocentric on Mon, 19/12/2016 - 01:35

Some years ago I watched an interesting segment from MSNBC, where some media industry women had a discussion on whether reality tv shows were damaging the public image of women.

Here you have 4 educated women and their host on some MSNBC show co-sponsored by Essence Magazine or the other way round. For the sake of completeness here are the names of the women involved.

Melissa Harris-Perry - MSNBC host of eponymously named show
Joy-Ann Reid -
Kenya Moore - former Miss USA and star of Real Housewives of Atlanta
Issa Rae - star and producer of YouTube series Awkward Black Girl
Tonya Lee Lewis - founder and editor of Healthy You Now.

What I found surprising is that none of them felt strongly enough about the scenes from RHA to tell Kenya Moore outright "that kind of behaviour is totally out of order. It is truly appalling, really". Here you have 5 well educated professional black women sitting down to have a conversation on the behaviour and portrayal of women on television and none of them are willing or capable to call out bullshit for what it is, then they cry foul when men like David Carroll bash them relentlessly. Who knows? Perhaps most of them are involved in media industry which has promoting images of dysfunction within the black community as a core aspect of its agenda and they are unwilling to bite the hand that feeds them.
They trot out the usual excuses that Latinos do the same thing, point out the women in Real Housewives of Jersey (featuring Italians) or some other similar programs do the same thing. I am sorry but the media presents a better balanced and well rounded views of other ethnicities, where as with black people it is usually foolery, family dysfunction and fixation with lifestyles in non-traditional occupations which are not consistent with the reality of majority.
So it comes to a simple question - How are black women, especially those within the media industry going to positive life enhancing forces within their communities when they feel beholden to an industry which is committed to the moral destruction of their own children and communities? Those in the media and entertainment industries have the highest social profiles and if they are unwilling or unable to use the position for good what happens in the long term?

When are they going to sit back and take stock and realize that things can't go on this way forever?

Do you notice the bit around 5:25 when Kenya Moore says Michelle Obama is a fan of our show and I think the world of her Lol. I think this is symptomatic of the issues facing women in that the women with the most influence say nothing about the ills and wrongs within the community. Of course we can't be certain that Michelle Obama is and has been a great fan of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but we haven't heard the disapproving noises that we would expect from that quarter.

I mean, why can't they be like Dr T? Doctor tells it like it is

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