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In Honour (or Defence) of Egmond Codfried

Submitted by afrocentric on Sat, 28/12/2013 - 22:19

Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor

As one goes through life one makes observations, sometimes they are fleeting and other times they stay with you for a while, then you put them aside.

I remember a day when on the tube I noticed a blonde haired German girl looking at me, more like the instances when your awareness is drawn to someone before your eyes meet. Her features were clearly 'African', subtle but all the cues were there. There was a recognition, a friendship, a sense of kinship between us, like we were from the same family of tribes. We smiled then went our separate ways.

Anna de' Medici - Countess of Tyrol

Anna de' Medici - Countess of Tyrol

There was another instance when I saw a brunette observing me with some interest. The thought came to mind 'there is my German princess, my Snow White'. I remember thinking about what her family would think of me if she introduced me to them. Although Germans are usually associated with blonde hair in her case I felt she was 'cleanly and properly' German in her own 'noble and quiet' way. It is an intuition and a kind of recognition. In my own way I was more or less prepared for Egmond Codfried's theory, more in this case about an African element among Europeans and not so much about royals.

Isabella of Austria

Who forgets Anneka Rice's rear bouncing off of into the helicopter in her blue jumpsuit? In her case it is more her face than her rear, but being African it is the kind of thing I wouldn't miss. Ghanaians only need a single glance at Oliver Kahn and to tell which group of tribes they would place him in.

Egmond Codfried's thesis, what he calls the Blue Blood is Black Blood Theory, is that up to the end of the 18th century (more like the end of the 19th century though) a sizeable proportion of Europe's ruling aristocracy were readily identifiable as Negroes or Negro descended people, what he describes as "a fixed mulatto race", i.e. African descended people who retained their yellow and brown complexions and Negroid physiognomies through endogamy.

He maintains that evidence has been hidden and suppressed, and that whatever remains has been 'whitened' out through the withdrawal from display and the 'restoration' of their portraits, and even their replacement with forgeries and new, 'whitened', ones.

There is also the theory that some of these blacks were native Europeans or indigenes, that they had been living in Europe or settled here from time immemorial, before whites from Central Asia migrated into Europe. Any breeding with African's would thus be more to maintain their bloodlines and less a consequence of their presence in Europe as slaves or warriors.

He also believes that racism towards Africans is rooted in a fear of a return to the former status quo, that it is the effect, and/or a dimension of a liberation theology, that the French revolution and other earlier upheavals in Europe were a result of this.

William of Orange

This is a pretty controversial claim, but I have studied a lot of the evidence, mostly in the form of Royal portraits and he is clearly onto something here. In fact I quite agree with him. This won't go down well with many people but it comes down to how one interprets the evidence and I will say the evidence is strongly in favour of his conclusions.

Of course what passes as clear evidence of Negro ancestry is open to debate and reading his posts in various forums (some of which can unfortunately be described as spam) makes it clear that a lot people have different opinions on what can be construed as clear evidence of Negro ancestry. At best many of the portraits display features that would prompt questions as to whether the subjects were of some Negro ancestry or not (in the most polite manner, of course).

As to whether his posts are spam or not, they clearly are, but I see a man who is clearly determined to proclaim his views to as wide an audience as is possible, for fear that they may be suppressed or subjected to some kind of secret or unofficial censorship. Trolling seems to be a harsh word because trolling involves hijacking the threads of other people and in a number of the threads I have viewed he is usually the original poster.

UPDATE: It looks like there are quite a number of people who don't like the idea of being some of their Royals who don't look exactly like blacks or Africans being labeled or described as black or African, so I have decided to concoct a new term. Lets just say that rather than being black or African, they are not quite white. During the segregation era in America they would have to use the colored entrances and facilities and sit at the back of the bus, and in England they would have to turn away from accommodation which displayed signs saying "No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs".

Baroness de Neubourg-Cromière

Cast of Nobles

The distinguished African gentleman at the top is Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Hungary and Bohemia, Grand Duke of Tuscany and a few other titles besides. (1747 - 1792)

The beautiful lady with the afro is Anna de' Medici

The pensive lady in the middle is Isabella of Austria, Queen of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Sister of Charles V - yep, that Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, same father, same mother (1501 - 1526)

The dashing black knight is shiny black suit of armour is William the Silent founding Father of the Netherlands, after they threw of rule of the Habsburgs who preferred to base themselves in Spain and oppress them from afar.

The charming young lady here is Baroness de Neubourgh-Cromiere (portrait by Alexander Roslin)

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