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Ledisi owns Aretha Franklin's song, and kills me with her great performance. Oh! I'm dead!!

Submitted by blogmeister on Sun, 21/07/2019 - 19:06

The Aretha Franklin Tribute Black Girls Rock 2018. Never have I seen so many beautiful black women gathered in one place. Beautiful complexions, beautiful skin, great teeth, lots of gleaming, satin, fun bags and a sneak peak of alveolae every now and then.

A truly beautiful sight. I found something about the great singing and audience engagement and enthusiasm very touching, making it hard to tell which was more enjoyable, the sounds or the sights, the audience or the singers.

Ledisi with Mike - 03

Never in this history of music performance has a dude been so entranced by a set of molars and incisors

My video displaying game was wack, but I got it right and I am feeling so proud of myself.

I am in the business of getting my slideshow act together, and when I am done I will put up some pics of the beautiful inspiring women who turned up at the event.

Mary J Blige

PS. Sorry to put this way but I'm in nigger heaven

Jazmine Sullivan performing "Never Loved a Man"

Cynthia Erivo performing "I Say A Little Prayer"

Ledisi having performed "Ain't No Way"

Ledisi having performed "Ain't No Way"

Joyful Woman In Red Dress

Member of the Audience

Another woman in a red dress

Joyful Woman In Red Dress

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