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The Classic Irrefutable Logic of David Carroll

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David Carroll

It was hard choosing the title for this blog post.

The Classic Irrefutable Logic of David Carroll

The Negrology Insights of David Carroll. I don't know whether it is pronounced Negrology or Negro-ology, but Negro-ology sounds more classic.

The Enigma of David Carroll, this coming from why an apparently well educated, thoughtful and insightful man tends to dwell so much on some of the popular but basically useless topics here on youtube like swirling, so described YouTube drama and beefs. It could be due to the desire to reach are wider audience. Perhaps being too high-brow seriously restricts your viewership.

I just had to choose one and get on with it.

Now here is one man who won't let any stone go unturned in his criticisms of our brothers on the other side of the pond, their lifestyle and their value systems. This man is so relentless and unsparing. He is pretty insightful, but can get unpleasant at times, especially when he makes sweeping generalizations about women, which isn't fair to young women who haven't started out in life yet to have committed any mistakes which warrants lumping them in with older flawed women.

You get the impression that this is a guy who is so disappointed, frustrated and pained at the flaws of his race, with particular attention directed at the talented tenth, the middle class so called elite, and that the only way to criticize them and maintain his sanity within the madness around him is to lace his criticisms with excessive dashes of humor. I was drawn to him in particular for his analyses of Americans approach to politics, but found his some of his videos to be scathingly humorous. They can be painful hearing but there is a lot of truth in them. Love him or hate him for his opinions, but his style of delivery is entertaining, that particular manner African Americans emphasize their message. I have read somewhere that he is a college lecturer and it makes you wonder why a person of his social class would dip into such a low brow area such as the mechanics of interracial relationships, but I suspect part that he sees that as an expression of the deeper flaws, the irrationality and weaknesess within the psyches of people, especially the educated middle class ones.

The best way to know him is to visit his channels, David Carroll's Youtube Channel 1, David Carroll's Youtube Channels - 2but I have a few of his masterpieces on exhibit here togive you a flavour of his tirades against the evils and vices of our people.

The Suspect African American Negro - A Classic Masterpiece by David Carroll


This first one is one of my favourites. I have to thank him for this one because it made me laugh so hard that I feared I would crack my ribs, and made me realize how unfit I have become. I don't know the original title as I saw it on a channel that wasn't one of his so I have titled it "The Suspect African American Negro". In this one he speaks on the foolishness of men labelling women who marry white men "bedwenches", a term relating to the time of slavery when slaveowners did whatever they pleased with their female slaves. He hilariously ascribes it to their jealousy for not getting the attentions of white men which they (black men) want for themselves. A true classic masterpiece.

The Silence of the Leading Women

This following one has its original title Nicki Minaj 'Anaconda' & the silence of Negro women but I have renamed it The Silence of the Leading Women.
In this one Carroll criticizes the silence of women when it comes to the degenerate behaviour exhibited by Nicki Minaj. A number of women have come out openly about these kind of displays, but what Carroll wants is some of the leading women of society to excoriate such displays thoroughly, so that those younger people not lucky enough to have good parents will know that such displays are totally out of order. Michelle, Oprah, Iyanla - I think he's looking at women of you.

Why Do Black Men Sit By Idly When Their Women Are Exploited

The actual title Arab men & Negro womenis Arab men and Negro women but I have renamed it to Why Do Black Men Sit By Idly When Their Women Are Exploited
Carroll goes in on how Black neighbourhoods are dominated by stores owned by Arabs who disrespect Black people and how men allow this to happen. He also has it in for the churches and pastors who are just as exploitative. His biggest complaint is why so many Youtubers are eager to debate him and challenge his views rather than address the topics raised which are more important.

Beyonce's Sour Lemonade Part 1
There is one more vid I would like to add but I'd rather link you to the original on Youtube. In this one Carroll gloats in mocking, maniacal, exaggerated manner over the readiness of some women to admit to adultery in return for their 15 minutes of fame. It relates to the Lemonade - Becky with the good hair affair and the readiness of some women to claim they are the Becky in question, in contrast with white women who emphatically deny involvement in an adulterous relationship. Apparently Black women have been propping up the ratings of the Scandal series with their identification with Olivia Pope and her adulterous relationship with the President, the epitome of the white man, aka - God

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