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The Road to Württemberg

Submitted by afrocentric on Mon, 31/08/2015 - 12:47

This is the painting which led me to Fleur. It features a pretty servant in the painting of Friedrich Ludwig, Crown Prince of Württemberg and his wife Henriette Marie of Brandenburg-Schwedt, 1716, by Antoine Pesne (1683-1757)

Friedrich Ludwig, Crown Prince of Württemberg and his wife Henriette Marie of Brandenburg-Schwedt - 1716 Antoine Pesne (1683-1757)

The servant looks more interesting than the princess, especially with her necklace and cleavage, compared with the princess whose features are rather whited out. She is quite the pretty one and thats what caught my eye in the first place. A close look at the brow of the servant reveals a style like two inverted horns at the corners, which are also visible on the princess when it is enlarged. The white hair against the white forehead makes it easy to miss on the princess.

You might notice the familiarity of the servant standing as she is with her hand on the back of the chair. There is something unusual about the way the hand is placed on the back of the chair. Can you recognize what it alludes to?

There is something else about the way she leans outward as though it is necessary for her to get a good look at the prince, when in fact you would expect a servant to stand erect, hand out whatever the mistress requires and stand upright to wait for the next order. There is a similar painting of their daughter Louise-Friedrike in which the servant leans sideways with his hand on the chair to hold himself up in a similar manner. It is also hard to tell whether she is holding up the tray the cup is being placed on.

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