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Meet a real live "Black" German Duchess of the 21st Century

Submitted by afrocentric on Thu, 03/09/2015 - 13:06

Here is a painting that reinforces my belief that the black servants in a number of the paintings are not actual servants but heraldic symbols. Egmond himself has changed his viewpoint to the belief some of the images even if symbolic actually allude to contemporary persons or historical personalities of that era, ie people with such complexions. For my part I have seen enough to convince me of that.

When you look at the painting you can see the boy's hand on the back of the chair, and the manner in which he leans makes it obvious that he can't be serving the Duchess in that pose. He is virtually swinging from it. His hand is doesn't seem to be hold the tray by its stand, or even by the side. If you consider the possible length if his elbow and its proximity to the tray and the table it doesn't look like he is holding on to either the tray or the table. The idea of the black page admiring the beauty of the white Duchess doesn't make sense. No one seems to consider this notion "Why would black people who were apparently seen as slaves to be so important to white nobility for white nobility to measure their worth by how their black servants/slaves admired them?" You are talking about royals here. It doesn't make sense unless you consider the possibility that black people were the nobles then, that it mattered to be seen as being under the patronage of people who were black, or claimed their ranking ancestry from blacks. I guess Charles II was not the only one from that era who was represented by black boys in paintings of ranking females.

Meet the Duchess

 von Solodkoff

Duchess Donata of Mecklenburg

Which leads us to our lady, Duchess Donata of Mecklenburg, not quite the beauty, but a handsome lady nonetheless. She is a direct descendant of Queen Victoria of Great Britain (by two daughters, and additional other ways by the look of it), and by extension Queen Victoria's grandmother Queen Charlotte Sophia. You can see why some Germans are considered "black" and why with such features it wouldn't be unreasonable for some to maintain that Queen Charlotte was "black" in her features, if not her complexion. I suspect that Queen Charlotte was black in both her complexion and her features. The features are quite obvious from her portraits.

I saw this picture in a newspaper article about negotiations between her estate and the Mecklenburg region for some art exhibits held by the family. The county offered her measly 7.9 million euro. 7.9 million euro?!! The cheek!! That is not even pounds sterling. The lady is worth at least 20 million euro, just by herself, by dint of her mere presence alone. And these officials offer a paltry 7.9 m. She eventually held out for 9.4 million euro. I need to have a strong word with those region officials. They are deserving of a right imperial ear-bashing. They can't be cheating our Duchesses out of proper compensation for their inheritance.

Some of the paintings discussed here may be part of the collection. You might have noticed the painting at the top left of her photo.

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