Pearls, Coral, Royal Patronage and Cross-Dressing Page Boys

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The Two Page Boys?

Something about Pierre Mignard's painting of Louise de Keroualle featuring the negro girl has never sat well with me.

To put it blankly, it seems that the painter didn't care much about expressing her femininity,with her hair so short, uncoiffed and not wearing earrings (for us Africans, girls must wear earrings). Well the mystery seems to have been solved. It is really about the pearls and coral she profers to Louise de Keroualle.

Joseph and Mary

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JosephI came across this interesting painting some time ago, years actually, and I have always wanted to make a blog post about it.

It is the theme of black people appearing in paintings of as heraldic symbols, or as reflecting the true nature or history of the subjects, their ancestors and even their benefactors.

It is a painting of young Joseph II (I think) of Austria, with a page girl in a blue robe. It could be Joseph 1 though. A young future emperor with a page girl? Didn't he have a page boy?

What did he get up to with his page girl? Exercise his imperial prerogatives?

Dagmar and Donata

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Maria Feodorovna (Dagmar of Sweden), Empress of RussiaTime transcending similarities, in appearance, manners and socio-cultural attitudes. Are the attitudes expressly passed on, or are they inherited via psychic osmosis? You be the judgeDonata of Mecklenburg

The Eyes at Sanxingdui

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Jamelia and Sanxingdui Sculpture

Some time ago I learned about an archaelogical site in China near a town called Sanxingdui which was discovered in the 1920s. Apparently the composition of the metals and some of metallurgical techniques used in some bronze and gold sculptures there linked them to civilizations further west in Egypt and Turkey, unexpected link given how old it was.

My Girl Parvati - Part 4: Musical Interlude - Where R & B Artistes Give Lessons on Self-Expression and Emoting

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Jill ScottFantasiaHere a few videos I to teach my Goddess Parvati a few things about self-expression and handling difficult emotions. It seems the Gods are not too good at that.
Did I tell you I have a whole page dedicated to Fantasia? I am not that much into the contemporary R & B scene, but I came across Fantasia and I was smitten.

My Girl Parvati - Part 3: The Stories

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Thumbnail - Wande AlugoThumbnail - Cas JeromeIt took all the strength I had not to fall apart
Kept trying hard to mend the pieces of my broken heart
And I spent oh so many nights just feeling sorry for myself
I used to cry, but now I hold my head up high ...

Here are some of the stories told by women about their experiences with taunting and rejection on account of their complexions.

My Girl Parvati - Part 2: Gloria Gaynor and the rewriting of a Hindu myth

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I've been watching some videos about the colorism woes of both African and Indian women on Youtube, and although I can see how they have been made to feel and in some cases still feel, I have been bemused by some of them because I cannot possibly see how some of them actually believed they were not beautiful just because their relatives told them so, and were hurting because of it.

Although sometimes I get a sense of pain they've been through I can't say I have ever felt their pain until I remembered the case of "my girl Parvati".

My Girl Parvati - Part 1: On being taunted "Blackie"

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One day, the great lord Śiva tossed his arm around the neck of the daughter of the mountain, the Goddess, and spoke in jest to her in order to bring about a particular act of asceticism. Now, Śarva had a pale body, made particularly pale because of the crescent moon upon him, while the Goddess gleamed with skin like the petal of a blue lotus at night. Śarva said, ‘Your slender body, shining darkly upon my white body, looks like a black female serpent coiled around a white sandalwood tree. You look like a dark night touched by the light of the moon, like the night during the dark half of the lunar month; indeed, you offend my sight.’