Queen Victoria's Black Grandmother In The Closet (and Other Stories)

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Queen Charlotte and Black Servant in Lady Keppel painting

The portrayal of Queen Charlotte as a true black woman, rather than the white woman with visibly negroid features she is usually portrayed as comes as a surprise, and the complexion displayed could be a device to highlight her black roots. There are those though, who believe that she was dark-complexioned enough to be described as black rather than mixed race. I'll grant her complexion may have been that of a mixed race, but I believe the physiognomy depicted in the painting are her true features.

Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor

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So you think considering Leopold II to be a brother is taking things too far.

Compare him with Paul Boateng here (Baron, I should add).

In our day and age we are Black and Proud and have no need for powdered wigs and faces.

Take a good look and tell me Leopold II wasn't a brother. Of course he was

I Love Gina

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Gina McCauley reams Marc Lamont-Hill

 - whataboutourdaughters.com

Gina Macauley

Preface: I think I conceived partly as a response to a video by Youtube vlogger MsArchduchess, on a discussion between Marc Lamont Hill, Yaba Blay, Christelyn Karazin and Gina Macauley and some quips he and Kamau Bell made on Lupita Nyongo's popularity. I extended it into a blog post and it has languished for some years. I was going to through some unpublished articles and decided to publish it. It actually goes back to 2014 and that is why the topic seems and some of the facts may be so dated.

Dude!! Where's my Afro?

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When you visit online forums which discuss Afrocentric theories of civilization you notice the taunting, the baiting and the insults bandied around by the opposing parties. It can be such a turnoff that even when I am able to make an some strong points in favour of the Afrocentric side, I just give up and leave because I don't like to engage the personality types involved.

African American Men and Tommy Sotomayor - An Indictment

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All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing, attributed to Edward Burke

Gentleman, I would like to draw your attention to a Youtube blogger, a talk show host going by the name of Tommy Sotomayor, who also runs a few websites and additional channels. These are some of them - http://www . blogtalkradio . com/tommysotomayorlive, http://sotomayortv . com/, http://ww . youtube . com/user/sotomayortv2.