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December 2016

Jewish woman shocked at being "outed" as Jewish

Submitted by blogmeister on Sat, 24/12/2016 - 11:30

I have noticed Blaire White's* channel in my Youtube feed and find her take on SJW and LGBTQ issues entertaining, and recently she posted an article on one Lindsay Amer. I popped down to Lindsay Amer's channel and after viewing one of her videos and looking at some her titles, the thought began to occur to me, This woman MUST be Jewish. I watched some more and decided to search the term "Lindsay queer kids jewish".

The Classic Irrefutable Logic of David Carroll

Submitted by afrocentric on Sat, 17/12/2016 - 02:30

David Carroll 01Now here is one man who won't let any stone go unturned in his criticisms of our brothers on the other side of the pond, their lifestyle and their value systems. This man is so relentless and unsparing. He is pretty insightful, but can get unpleasant at times, especially when he makes sweeping generalizations about women, which isn't fair to young women who haven't started out in life yet to have committed any mistakes which warrants lumping them in with older flawed women.