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March 2019

Vogue's genocidal proclivities - Part 1

Submitted by rchurch on Sat, 30/03/2019 - 02:01


ExhibitD: Benjamin Franklin, "Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind, Peopling of Countries, etc.", 175

Which leads me to add one Remark: That the Number of purely white People in the World is proportionably very small. All Africa is black or tawny. Asia chiefly tawny. America (exclusive of the new Comers) wholly so. And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth. I could wish their Numbers were increased. And while we are, as I may call it, Scouring our Planet, by clearing America of Woods, and so making this Side of our Globe reflect a brighter Light to the Eyes of Inhabitants in Mars or Venus, why should we in the Sight of Superior Beings, darken its People? why increase the Sons of Africa, by Planting them in America, where we have so fair an Opportunity, by excluding all Blacks and Tawneys, of increasing the lovely White and Red? But perhaps I am partial to the Complexion of my Country, for such Kind of Partiality is natural to Mankind.

You are African. Why do you focus on India so much?

Submitted by Carlos Quinto on Fri, 29/03/2019 - 09:52


In summary it is down to the fact of the features of colourism in India manifesting in the American setting, and then creeping into Africa.

Let us consider the nature of colourism in three different parts of the world, Europe, Africa and Asia. In Asia. In the case of Africa I am referring to Sub-Saharan Africa and with Asia I am referring to Indian subcontinent in particular.

I focus on these three regions in particular on account of ther racial and ethnic homogeneity, although in India an allowance has to be made for caste differences.

Contents Page

Submitted by Carlos Quinto on Tue, 26/03/2019 - 21:38

This is where every page will be listed, hopefully. It may be somewhat disorganised at the start, but may get better with the passage of time, hopefully. It will definitely get rearranged as the natural structure of the topics become more obvious


Submitted by Carlos Quinto on Tue, 26/03/2019 - 21:28

The topics will be organized as a book, with each page having links to the previous, next, and parent pages. I will be updating a master page with the newer pages as I write them and that will be the page regular views should visit to see new pages and updated ones.

Views on Approaches to Tackling Colourism

Submitted by Carlos Quinto on Tue, 26/03/2019 - 21:26

Over the years I viewed a number of discussions and approaches to colourism and none of them has sat well with me. It is a multifaceted issue and none of them have really tackled the various parts of the problem properly. It is one of tribal values, maturity of young men, pre-marital sex, easy divorce, media influences, social engineering, generational differences and a whole lot of other things besides. Each feature is not tackled properly and separately to give the young people a deeper understanding of themselves.

Audience, Readership

Submitted by blogmeister on Tue, 26/03/2019 - 21:20

This series is targetted primarily at Africans, the African Diaspora, Indians, ie Desis and other dark-complexioned people around the world, who are made to feel bad about themselves or lesser on account said complexions. Indians are a particular focus for reasons I will go into later. Native Americans, particular south of the border who are subjected such sentiments are also a focus. Unfortunately those north of the border were either exterminated or subsumed into the remaining populations of Europeans and Africans.