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African American Men and Tommy Sotomayor - An Indictment

Submitted by afrocentric on Tue, 04/02/2014 - 03:19
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing, attributed to Edward Burke

Gentleman, I would like to draw your attention to a Youtube blogger, a talk show host going by the name of Tommy Sotomayor, who also runs a few websites and additional channels. These are some of them - http://www . blogtalkradio . com/tommysotomayorlive, http://sotomayortv . com/, http://ww . youtube . com/user/sotomayortv2.

The first time I viewed one of his videos, I thought he was making some reasonable comments. But I noticed some comments he made concerning 'dark-skinned' women and felt something wasn't quite right there. I looked at a few more of his videos and realized that he was using persistent relentless insults of black women to boost his ratings, either from those who enjoyed seeing a black male repeatedly insult and denounce black women in a cruel taunting manner, or those who were offended and wanted to respond to his unjust accusations.

After watching about five or six of his videos, the main thought that kept coming to my mind was - "How long has he been doing this and why do African American men continue to allow him carry on in this manner?". Gentlemen I am entreating you as to why is still he on the air, and why haven't you shut him down completely? Why should it need the broadcast authorities, the censors or Google's staff to shut him down, when there about 10 million of you around? Gentlemen what is going on? This man is using the pain of women are your mothers, your sisters, your daughters and your wives to promote his channel, and you seem to be standing idly by as he goes blithely along without care, feeling completely immune to any possible consequences of his conduct. Why doesn't he feel answerable to you? Why doesn't he feel that if you make your displeasure at his conduct known to him in no uncertain terms he should simply apologize and call it a day, without the broadcast authorities, Google or whatever relevant bodies getting involved? When reggae artists like Shabba Ranks and Buju Banton sang sang music which was anti-homosexual, the gay lobby was able to seriously damage their careers, so why can't you all as a whole deal with Sotomayor? Coming to think of it, given how misogynists rappers and hip hop artists have been able to abuse black woman right under your noses, profit from it, and still continue to profit it, that shouldn't be surprising.

This is the way I see it. An evil omen has taken root in your community, a living, breathing evil omen. And you know what, Tommy Sotomayor is not that evil omen. Your conduct is the evil omen. Your apparent inability or unwillingness to deal with him, your negligence and what might be interpreted as a tacit support for his conduct, is the evil omen. To an outsider it looks like the hearts of your women, and by extension the hearts of your communities, are open for depredation and degradation. If you do have the power, which you do, and choose not to put an end to his activities, then you are and should be seen as supporting or condoning his conduct. Gentlemen, this guy is running your women ragged with his taunts. I see women say they are not bothered by his taunts and denunciations, when in fact they are. Even if they are not hurt for themselves, they will be hurt for their sisters and daughters. It is seems many women have or are becoming inured to the repeated assaults on their persons from the mainstream media and from within their communities. Gentlemen it is wrong for them to become inured to such attacks, and it is wrong for the conditions in which they become inured to such assaults to arise and persist. I also suspect that the seeming absence of support from you concerning this guy is probably more hurtful than the guy himself.

If it were left to me I would inflict some capital punishment among you, but in these circumstances that would only cause more pain for the women whose condition and needs are the subject of the article. I truly mean this, but that is another case altogether.

Although this video is meant for African American males with the exclusion of Tommy Sotomayor, he is entitled to listen in at this stage.

Whatever misbehaviour the females engage in, you the males are answerable for it. I don't care what the law enforcement authorities feel about it. For serious, violent crimes involving life and property the authorities can handle it. Anything else You, the males, are responsible. You are answerable for any crap they engage in. The buck stops with you.

You the males are supposed to be the governors and rulers of your communities.

If your women engage in cat fights or gang fights, You are answerable.

If your women have children outside wedlock, You are answerable.

If teenagers engage in premarital sex, You are answerable.

If your women shoplift or rob hair pieces from stores, You are responsible.

If your women have 12 children with four different men outside wedlock, You are responsible (this is laughably obvious).

If your women engage in deplorable conduct within and outside shopping malls, You are responsible.

If your women believe in spending ridiculous sums of money on hair pieces, whether fake or real, You are responsible.

If your women believe in putting up videos of themselves scantily dressed and engaging in twerking videos, You are answerable.*

Gentlemen, those women are you are daughters, they are your sisters, they are your mothers, your cousins, and whatever panoply of relationships you can think of.

Gentlemen, whatever transgressions they engage in you are responsible. Accept it. The buck stops with You.

This is applies irregardless of social class or background. You could be the President of the United States, from a wealthy middle class Ivy League background, or from the projects, or doing multiple life sentences in prison, yet still having a family out there. Individually and collectively, you are still responsible.

Consider this scenario. Two women are bent on fighting each other. No amount of words can dissuade them. They go ahead with the fight. There are some men standing by. One or more of them chant World Star, World Star and some of the others video the fight.

This is what should happen. The women should be flogged bare back. Really. With a bull whip or whatever was used in the days of slavery. Like Lupita (sorry, Lupita). A maximum of six lashes should be enough. The men who stood by and watched, who allowed the fight to go ahead and chanted World Star, World Star etc, should be put to death, because instead of stepping in to prevent the fight, they probably encouraged it for the sake of kicks and having a video to upload to World Star. Next time any men come across such a scene, they either step in to break it up, or turn around and walk away from the scene lest they become accessories to subsequent idiocy that ensues. Yes, that applies to those so called Reality TV shows which seem to have developed a sideline in displaying and encouraging that kind of degenerate behaviour.

This is what I mean when I say You are answerable for any crap the females engage in. Deal with it when they engage in it.

If you think such an approach is exceedingly harsh and you have a problem with it you can read the Bible, Exodus 32, 1 - 29. If you have a problem that you can complain to Queen Elizabeth or the Pope. It is their book.

PS Tommy Sotomayor is not the only one who engages in this conduct. There are others too but he in particular is truly egregious.

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