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Amber, the new Afro-German queen

Submitted by rchurch on Fri, 26/07/2019 - 21:51

Creepy Social Media

You guys know how Youtube keeps pushing suggestions your way when you think you should be focusing of something else. I haven't been following my subscribers that much, especially the female ones, with Brexit votes, EU election votes, Tommy Robinson and all that. I also got involved with Twitter and broke twitter once or twice, but I'm not that much of a social media guy.

I don't know why but Youtube kept pestering me with Amber's videos and some of the icons were rather zany, nothing I felt I should take seriously. I think I relented when I noticed her surname and decided to hear what this Ghana girl had to say.

I can't believe I sat through 18 minutes of watching Amber tryout the Dyson airwrap dryer thingy

I saw she was quite cheerful and spoke with a familiar sounding accent with lots of Americanisms, like someone who watched American videos with a humorous style and was targetting the related English speaking audience. She said she was Belgian but the accent was still familiar and I later understood when she said she spoke Dutch. Yes I think both Dutch and Flemish are spoken in Belgium, that land of horrible Euro bureaucrats.

That had me thinking - did Youtube think I needed a new Dutch woman in my life after Hodan downgraded her Youtube activities? I wouldn't put it past them. They were so persistent with Amber.

Then I noticed how much she resembles Victoria. Did Google realize that I need a woman like Victoria in my life? I thought my feelings for Victoria had waned but here is Google rekindling my interest in her. How did their algorithms manage this spooky business?

My initial plan with Amber is to present her resemblance as proof of Europe's Black African nobility, with side by side photos of her with Victoria, and let you guys judge what the connection is so I know it is not just in my imagination and why it is feels so string. That should arrive soon

Amber herself

Amber has made a success of her channel and I put it down to her being a mulatto woman with black women's problems. A curvy figure, the euphemism for a tendency towards being overweight or obese, the hair, yes that 4c hair, and the not quite black girl dipped in chocolate look.

She actually winces when she does her hair, in a world where rap artists seem convinced that all mulatto women have full free flowing hair. The manner in which rap artistes degrade the image of black women knows no bounds. They will be the destruction of America if their influence isn't checked.

The bone structure of some biracials features are more "African", but it seems to be applied to the combination of a squarer face, stronger jawline, and her cheekbones, the kind that makes me see Kaiserin Victoria as recognizably Black. Marienne de Castro embodies that type. It seems to be the kind of face that leads African Americans to see some biracial women as Latino or Hispanic. I think that appearance of being a mulatto black woman, if there is any such thing, coupled with her cheerful humour is her strongest point.

Point to note: Her skin appears whiter in the videos than in her instagram photos, too white for my liking actually. I like my mulatto women with the intense yellows some Sudanese and Ethiopian women display, and I have to visit her Instagram too see her in that type of complexion. It may be down to the lighting she uses indoors for filming. That being said her skin is definitely on the lighter side of mulatto.

She does have a presence, simultaneously Pretty and Handsome, a kind of magnetism.

It is easy to see why fans like her. She isn't a diva and she's pleasant to be around.

Amber thanks Jesus for curl formers
Amber displaying result of curlformers

Any flaws? Yes. SHE SHOPS AT LIDL. Gaarrh!!

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