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Angie Stone and the O'Jays

Submitted by afrocentric on Fri, 30/11/2018 - 12:30

Angie Stone

I was searching for something and I saw a thumbnail with a beautiful sister, and asked myself "Who is this beautiful sister, and why I haven't heard or seen her before?" It turns out it was Angie Stone in a song called Wish I Didn't Miss You, not that I knew her before that, but because I didn't know about her music but I had heard her name before in relation to an assault charge brought against her by her daughter.

She has a surprising good old school voice reminding of singers like Millie Jackson and Gladys Knight, easy, powerful and controlled. Hearing her makes me wonder I don't hear a lot, but her days seems to have been in the early 2000s.

The most original O'Jays

The song had a riff which created a sense of a memory of power, a sense of an association of power, something reminding of the lush arrangements in the 70s. Yes it was Backstabbers by the O'Jays. The O'Jays are the group who had these classic hits, whose covers when heard today give you the vague sense of having heard them some time in the past. It is only when you recognize the players that your realize that although you have a memory of them, you were to young to know or even recollect who the artistes were.

A good example of this is Now That We've Found Love by the reggae group Third World. I remember hearing the cover version, and seeing how popular it was asked myself back then "Isn't it an old song, what is the big deal?" Admittedly I was never really into reggae, but now I appreciate the more original reggae grooves, the one you hear older Jamaicans play that do not often make the charts.

Here is a tribute to them, an extended remix by a youtube fan.

and links to the original Now That We've Found Love and the Third World version

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