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Submitted by blogmeister on Tue, 26/03/2019 - 21:20

This series is targetted primarily at Africans, the African Diaspora, Indians, ie Desis and other dark-complexioned people around the world, who are made to feel bad about themselves or lesser on account said complexions. Indians are a particular focus for reasons I will go into later. Native Americans, particular south of the border who are subjected such sentiments are also a focus. Unfortunately those north of the border were either exterminated or subsumed into the remaining populations of Europeans and Africans.
I want to to be clear about this. It may not be comfortable reading for a lot of white people and may even be so for so called olive-complexioned ethnicities or fall in the space between those who are clearly half-caste and their whiter unmixed relatives. I can't truthfully say I apologize for that but it really isn't my focus. Some of the approaches to colourism I see are too apologetic for my liking. They try too hard not to be offensive towards whiter people whilst ignoring the unapologetic discrimination and disparaging attitude towards normal skin which is still ongoing.

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