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Daughters of our Suns

Submitted by Carlos Quinto on Mon, 25/03/2019 - 13:45

Daughters of our Suns

This post is about the stories of four girls, young women actually, but I would rather describe them as girls because it was as girls that their lives were hampered. It was as girls their growth, self-awareness, self-exploration was arrested. In having these experiences they are reclaiming their lost childhood, experiencing themselves as God and evolution intended they should. A great deal of our learning and self-discovery comes from our bodies' interaction with nature, not just from social interaction, which in their case has been the source of a lot of unhappiness.


Story time. So for most of my 21 years , I have hated so much about myself but mostly my skin. I researched skin clinics to lighten my skin and at one point I even saved money towards getting skin lightening procedures. Being born indian and dark skin feels like being born with a curse. For as long as I could remember I was never considered pretty because I was dark. I would cry myself to bed after every family occasion because I was the dark one and the "fat" one and they made sure I knew it. As a child I dreamt of being a bollywood actress but eventually I realised that I didnt match the skin tone of any of the bollywood stars. People have given me fairness creams and I would use them and pray for God to take away my curse. By my third year of uni I had slowly stopped hating myself and through all the drama readings and acting and performance I somehow found myself as a beautiful woman but somewhere at the back of my mind, my skin was still a hidden insecurity. So my best friend took me to Thailand last year and I carried three sunscreens and an umbrella because I feared my skin getting darker and never returning to its original shade. But every step I took into nature, every tree, every speck of sand, every piece of gold, every flower, every drop of ocean blended so beautifully with my dark skin almost as if I could've created it all. And as I watched white people turn into tomatoes in the sun, attempting to get the very thing I was convinced was a curse..I just closed my eyes and thanked God for making me the colour of earth.


Kisses all around from the girl who used to fear the sun to the girl who basked like no tomorrow under it - because what's more fun? Sitting under a tree with a massive sun hat watching your day go by & getting irritated by the slightest sunshine hitting your skin? OR strolling the beach like a free bird, jumping into that water, entering a spectacular under water realm and just exploring all the beauty this world has to offer whilst getting 50 shades darker with that melanin magic!! Trust me guys I've gotten darker from this trip to the point people don't recognise me and I ain't even mad (Please wear sunscreen guys!!) Thank you for the memories and for putting this sick edit together! Yalla Habibi!!! click


This is me, floating in the Pacific Ocean in Oahu, Hawaii on a magnificent vacation about 3 months ago. Many years ago, this happy girl in the picture would've been hiding under a hat on vacation, covered up, afraid her skin would get too dark & tan. But, now I know the truth: DARK IS BEAUTIFUL. Now, I'm free to love the sun & myself with reckless abandon. (PS - Don’t forget the sunblock - Your skin health is important too!) But, don't be afraid, friends... Dark Is Beautiful. Pass it on.


Seema revelling in her inner tomboy. Better late than never.

When I was a little kid, I was bullied a lot about my skin color and some crazy parents would even tell their kids not to play with me (to my face), so I basically had no friends. So my best friends were my house plants. I had a name for each one of them, I would share my day with them, kiss them and cry to them whenever I got bullied. My favorite pass time was climbing trees and hiding in them, away from the rest of the world. Actually not a fun story but the fun part is that I grew up with great balance and strength because I climbed trees so early on with my brother and I am pretty good at personifying things because I had the best kind of imaginary friends - plants and trees

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