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Daughters of the Stars of Our Planets

Submitted by Carlos Quinto on Sat, 23/03/2019 - 17:51

This is the story of four girls, young women actually, but I would rather describe them as girls because it was as girls that their lives were hampered. It was as girls their growth, self-awareness, self-exploration was arrested. In having these experiences they are reclaiming their lost childhood, experiencing themselves as God and evolution intended they should. A great deal of our learning and self-discovery comes from our bodies' interaction with nature, not just from social interaction, which in their case has been the source of a lot of unhappiness.

It was prompted by philosophical concepts, philosophical awareness, in fact the whole series is underpinned by the deeper philosophical concept of what is considered to be a man, ie a human being. But for now I have to focus and the social and cultural issues before delving in the philosophical aspects which are well covered elsewhere. In short it is an advaita thing

Initially I wanted to express the deeper psychic awareness, the profound shift in outlook these women had when they realized that they are perfect as they are, and contrast it with the limitations on their experience if their bodies conformed to their light skinned ideals.

Marisa summed it with these words - But every step I took into nature, every tree, every speck of sand, every piece of gold, every flower, every drop of ocean blended so beautifully with my dark skin almost as if I could've created it all. In truth Marisa, you did create it. It is an advaita thing which is why Krishna is at the centre of the Bhagavad Gita.

It aims to stress the extent to which being dark is aligned being a true denizen of the planet, a native of the planet, both psychically and physically.

I also contrast it with what it means to be otherwise, ie very light-skinned which seems to be the Asian ideal, and how that is at odds with having a total freedom of the environment, a freedom of the planet.

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