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Fleur of Württemberg - A Right Royal Widow's Peak

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Fleur of Württemberg, make up being touched up

touching up her make up

There is something about a bride beaming with pride and joy on her wedding day that can melt the heart of even the most hardened Afrocentric unwilling to make any concession to white pride, and nothing typifies it better than these images of Fleur of Wurttemberg, Duchess, at her wedding. See the joy on her face, it even makes the most hardboiled Afrocentric want to marry a raven-tressed female like Elizabeth Taylor and Kat of East Enders. (Come on dude, how can you compare Kat of East Enders to a true royal Duchess?)

 at Wedding

Fleur of Württemberg

Take a look at these pictures. Don't they just warm your heart and make you go all gooey inside? Oh I'm such a hopeless romantic. Do you see what I see? Do you see it? Yes a widow's peak, a right royal widow's peak, the mark of true European nobility. I need to keep these pictures for posterity. The hair is not as curly as it should be, but face it 200 years or so down the line how can one complain. Perhaps she's permed her hair. As an Afrocentric I believe that - I have to believe.

Fleur and Carl Goess at registry perhaps?

With Carl at registry?

Now who else in European history had a widow's peak? It looks like they were present in all the European families you could think of, Elizabeth I, Isabel de Valois etc, etc, too many to shake a stick at. No surprise there, they used to be a rather incestuous bunch and still are, endogamous, if you prefer. Ah yes, Charlotte Sofia.

Elizabeth I, woodcut by Hieronymus Wierix - 01

Elizabeth I, Hieronymus Wierix - 01

Isabel de Valois (bust), Antonius Mor

Isabel de Valois, Antonius Mor

I seem to have developed some feelings for Valois. Uh, I do forget myself sometimes. I am a Habsburg. I recollect being on a train seated opposite some Italian girls one of whom bore a strong resemblance to Isabel. She could see I was interested in her and I wanted to tell her why. But the train was noisy and I decided against. I think I should have tried. There is something about her look that brings William the Silent to mind.

Queen Charlotte Sophia (1744–1818) - Johann Zoffany, 1766 - Detail

Queen Charlotte Sophia of the United Kingdom

Charlotte Sophia, a thoroughly whitened up queen. You would think that despite of all the strong evidence showing that she was unmistakably Black, someone would try to correct her paintings. How could the British establishment, I mean the whole European establishment, deny and disown her and her darker-skinned sisters like that? She is in a good place. She is dear to my heart and one day all will be put right.

And here is one of my favourite ladies from the Andaman Islands, a true ebony princess.

, with baby strapped to back

Jarawa Mother from Andaman Islands

You knew there had to be an agenda, a Habsburg, agenda.

I guess you heard those old wives tales about Europe's original inhabitants being a short statured dark-complexioned people, alluded to in royal portraits featuring diminutive servants, and that some of Europe's royals may be descended from them. Well here is a real live one.There is a resemblance to Fleur, but unlike flair she has the curls of Fleur's predecessors. Fleur, proper Black queens don't perm their hair, they keep it a right royal natural, but being as you are a contemporary Black female with some of their hair related insecurities, I will overlook that. For the time being.

I am not quite sure when this picture was taken. Some of the pictures of the Jarawa were taken on the 70s and one wonders where she is, or if she is still with us. Hopefully the boy on her back is (you sure it is a boy? Ed. Yeah, you know of my Marian proclivity). It is telling how much alike we are as human beings, and how little separates us, regardless of distance, circumstance of birth, and time. Who knows the person she would have been if she was raised in a palace? At the least she will be remembered for her regal, serene beauty, and dignity. I wonder what her name is. Perhaps I should call her Fleur. Mmmmm. That will cause some confusion. How about Eleonora? That sounds right. Eleonora of the Andaman Islands. Cool. It has a nice ring to it.

"Eleonora of the Andamans" - Jarawa mother

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