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It is time to ban the gay pride flag or have it changed to something else.

Submitted by blogmeister on Sun, 31/07/2016 - 13:45

Consider the following images and the associated search terms. How does a young child tell them apart, and further on in life how does the young person realize that the attraction to homosexual related images may due to an attraction to the colors in early childhood which was entirely unrelated to homosexuality?

Search "teddy bear rainbow"

Search "teddy bear gay rainbow"

This is something which has bothered me for some time. Over the years I have observed the gay flag lots of times and never associated with the homosexual community and it was only in the last few years, possibly 2010 or later that I realized that the rainbow flag has been appropriated as symbol by homosexuals.

When and how did this happen? The first time I noticed the rainbow symbol was with Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition, which came to the fore as his vehicle in his run for the Democratic presidential nomination some time in the 70s or 80s. That concept of the rainbow being the symbol of a variety of interest groups stuck with me for decades until I realized that the rainbow is now the symbol of the gay community.

How did this symbol which as a I considered to be children-oriented symbol come to be identified with the gay community? Coming to think of it, I thought back then that the rainbow colors were actually the "Children's Flag" and not the "Gay Flag", that it was a symbol children owned which embodied all the positive aspirations children held for themselves. When and why has the gay community appropriated such a notable symbol as their flag? I have to make this clear - I find homosexuality advocacy industry quite despicable. I am more annoyed by homosexuality advocacy groups than homosexuality itself as I consider peoples basic orientation something which can't be changed or reconsidered without deep psychoanalysis.

It brings to mind Evalion's video on the Teletubbies (Evalion is Youtuber banned for her a controversial views on among other things, Hitler, Jews, SJWs, etc). The first time Teletubbies came out it struck me how inane and silly it was, and wondered what other novel electronic media inanities young children were going to be plied with. It was only when I saw how my young cousin was completely taken with it that I realized that the psychologists who devised such programs new something about the minds of children that I didn't.

What triggered this video all of a sudden? This is a topic I had plans to blog on but I just noticed something which set me off and I have to blog it now less I procrastinate again. In the Google is 'colorist' and it's your fault Jeff! post featuring the white girl child with the teddy bear you may not notice it at first, but the teddy bear has a rainbow-like strip of colours running across its body, and this is what set me off.

Young White Girl with Pink Teddy Bear

When I wrote the articles some months back the image was of a lower resolution and I didn't notice it.

Teddy Bear Rainbow Closeup

You will see that strip of colors under the girl's arm and you may notice there is a grey strip included and the purple colour omitted. It makes you wonder if the designers tried to avoid confusing it with the gay flag

Searching Google brings up so many images of teddy bears in rainbow colors and even on Youtube you can see how the rainbow colours are deeply impressed upon children. Which ever way you cut it the gay flag is being imprinted on impressionable young minds as symbol of comfort and friendliness, and one has to wonder why this generation are so open to homosexuality and have so much sympathy for it. This situation needs come to and. As impressing the rainbow colors on children is not going to end, the homosexual community need to stop using it as their flag and emblem. A conscentious society cannot continue to imprint its young with a symbol associated with what is essentially a thanatic lifestyle. I don't want to go into rant mode, but this situation must come to an end. Legislation is required here, and that means in every country where sanity exists.

You may have noticed that I have repeatedly used the word homosexual in preference to the word gay. This is an objection to the way the homosexuality advocacy groups have been appropriating terms which are entirely unrelated to lifestyle to be identified with them. Why should the word gay which simply means happy be appropriated to refer to a male homosexual, and why should the word lesbian, derived from the island Lesbos which in ancient times was believed to be popular with female homosexuals be associated with them? This is part of the process of appropriation of seemingly innocuous terms and imagery that the homosexuality advocacy industry has been engaged in. Why have slang terms for homosexuality have been adopted as part of the official lexicon, ie the words gay, lesbian and queer? It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the appropriation of the rainbow image is part of the same process. This appropriation of words away from the normal meaning needs to stop. The role of the corporate state in promoting homosexuality is becoming more and more obvious and this needs to end. When the UN adopts slang as official terms you start to see where they are taking this. Supporting calls for tolerance for homosexuals is one thing, but to involve itself in slang terms and local cultural issues is another. It is beginning to overreach into local even provincial cultural matters and this needs to stop.

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