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Jewish woman shocked at being "outed" as Jewish

Submitted by blogmeister on Sat, 24/12/2016 - 11:30

I have noticed Blaire White's* channel in my Youtube feed and find her take on SJW and LGBTQ issues entertaining, and recently she posted an article on one Lindsay Amer.

I popped down to Lindsay Amer's channel and after viewing one of her videos and looking at some her titles, the thought began to occur to me, This woman MUST be Jewish. I watched some more and decided to search the term "Lindsay queer kids jewish".

Classic Queer Kids Stuff

The search came up with something an article of hers, Neo-Nazis targeted me on the internet — here’s how I dealt with it quoted by HuffPo (one of the usual suspects) featuring a pic linking to an article on an alt-right anti-semitic site titled Sick Dyke Creates Educational Program to Brainwash Children Into the Homosexual Lifestyle. One wonders why the Daily Stormer article wasn't titled Sick Kyke Dyke Creates ... instead of Sick Dyke Creates .... The author probably wasn't sure she was Jewish then, but the last sentence in the article is Oh, and ask her if she’s Jewish.

In her article Lindsay Amer states I have absolutely no idea how they know I’m Jewish, which is frightening.

Is this woman for real?

The subject of her Youtube channel had given me a strong feeling that she was Jewish and only after studying her facial features closely did I realize that she had those Jewish features, the kind you notice on women like Barbara Streisand and Bette Midler.

This is one of the things it seems you are subtly aware of and all of a sudden it comes to the fore of your consciousness. Over the years of reading newspapers and magazines, American ones in particular, somehow I had become subtly aware about something concerning people involved in all kinds of counter-culture, activism, civil rights, Hare Krishna etc. Then one day it suddenly stood out. They were Jewish. It isn't as though they stated that they were Jewish or it was publicly stated that they were, or it was common knowledge that they were (I would have to be living in the States to realize that). There seemed to be some common thread running through them, probably their names, or that they seemed to be mostly in New York or California. I don't really know, but somehow I picked it up.

On getting back to Lindsay Amer when I thought of writing this article, I was thinking that she was just a naive idealistic Jewish youth who happened to gay and had suffered emotionally from being gay when she was growing up, but on second thoughts it just doesn't make sense.

Most of us have a sense of how people from our family and tribal backgrounds look like, and we are even capable of distinguishing regional differences in other races, such as being able to tell whether the white woman you see in London is from Eastern Europe, Russian or Polish rather than English, after seeing lots of them around. As a Jewish woman growing a presumably Jewish family background living in Jewish social circles she must surely have noticed some the facial cues associated with Jews (where is Evalion when you need her?).

As an educated woman, educated to masters degree no less, and after having studied all the Sociologies and Gender Studies and what nots which are very much a part of the contemporary arts curriculums in the current educational system, she must know that a significant proportion of the people involved in propagating these cultural and social issues are and were Jewish, very disproportionate to the 3% of the US population they are supposed to be.

So why does she evince surprise when some alt-right/anti-semitic types out her for being Jewish? Is she truly genuinely surprised by their discovery that she was Jewish or is she being disingenious? Even as an African living on the other side of the Atlantic I was pretty sure she was Jewish and she is surprised that people living in her home country who observe Jews everyday notice it. Why the desire to keep her ethnicity out of it when it is so obvious from her features as well as the obvious association of Jews with counter-culture in her country? If a black person with controversial views opens a channel to espouse them do they have the luxury of hiding their race or ethnicity from the world?

Giving her maturity I really have to ask her whether it is contemptuousness or arrogance which causes her to express anger and outrage at her detractors noticing that she is Jewish, how dare they notice that, or the desire to slap them with the anti-semite label (which some of them actually are) that prompts her to make such a comment.

Lindsay why don't you accept that you are engaged in promoting a lifestyle which a significant portion of the population consider already disagreeable, and in this case in particular to their kids , young undeveloped minds, which they find even more disagreeable, if not outright demented, and that trying to slap the anti-semitic tag onto all of them simply won't work?

Don't deny that a significant proportion (in relation to their numbers in the general population) of the proponents of alternative lifestyles are Jewish and that any backlash against those proponents will affect Jewish people more. You have a situation where a group of people are who are from someplace in Eastern Europe and from a small proportion of the overall Western population have taken it upon themselves to undermine the cultural and religious traditions of Western Europe, ie other people's children, using their control of the media to instill shame and guilt and impugn any people, especially white people, who disagree with them, and somehow you don't want their actions to be associated to their ethnicity.

That sounds like a black person being upset at their identification with drug dealers or street crime, an Italian being associated with the Mafia, a Colombian association with drug imports, or a Muslim being associated with terrorism. We all have to live with prejudices and stereotypes based on the association of our ethnicity with some criminal behaviour or other undesirable conduct, which may or may not be the actual case. Being associated with the propagation of ideas which are considered morally destructive to Western society is one that Jews however rightly or wrongly are associated with.

So Lindsay, to use the slang - stop fronting.


I just checked her channel to get the thumbnail and saw this video which consoles her audience on Trump's election video. Really, preschool kids anxious about Trump's election victory? It would be comedy if it wasn't so creepy. I don't know how many of you have watched or remember Demolition Man (1993), a movie thriller about some scientist who created a perfect city in a post-acalyptic world. Lindsay Amer displays puts on this act of the leader who takes note of the dark times her preschool subjects are facing (which are mostly hers) and reassures them those times will pass, in her creepy manner, and finishes of with that ditty of hers. This woman is troubling.

Dr Raymond Cocteau (Nigel Hawthorne)

Now is this creepy or is just my imagination? Did she take voice lessons from Dr Cocteau?

*Blair White is a transgender woman. In her case it is easy to forget that she is man in the process of transitioning

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