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Me, My Self and Syama

Submitted by rchurch on Tue, 18/12/2018 - 16:00

Goddess Heaven!! Just a few days ago Syama uploaded some photos and within one minute, yes within one minute it appeared on my Instagram. One minute!! As in 60 seconds!!

Can you imagine that? I don't know what good deeds I may have performed to merit such good fortune.

These photos are so beautiful I have to save them for posterity. Yes, because people change their minds and hide or delete their very best photos (Hodan knows who I mean). Life has never the same since Syama deleted her Facebook and Mangala-vati trimmed her feed. These photos are enough to keep me in clover for life. Posterity will thank me for appropriating these photos.

I am so torn up between posting them all here or directing you Instagram to see them for yourselves. Ah well.

I will just post some close ups and link to instagram below.

She is modelling some sarees for @artisansaga

Close up of rocking chair photo

Just look at that brow, that hairline. So divine, so royal. I am simply in brow heaven!! You guys know I am such a sucker for high brows

It is said that males are attracted to women who resemble their sisters, but I'm not going there!!

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