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The Sadness of Devaki

Submitted by afrocentric on Fri, 02/09/2016 - 15:20

Devaki, Vasudeva and Charioteer

Devaki with her husband Vasudeva and their charioteer. Devaki the mother of Krishna. Yes God's own mother, the Mother of God Himself. Devaki who had six of her children murdered by her evil brother Kamsa.

When you study the charioteer, look at his jewellery, his gold cloth, and the gold jewelled crown he wears it is obvious that the charioteer is Krishna himself. Remember his role as the charioteer to Arjuna? “Know that the Self is the rider, and the body the chariot; that the intellect is the charioteer, and the mind the reins” (Katha Upanishad 1:3:3).

The Sadness of Devaki

Which begs the question is Krishna black but his Mum blue? Why can't Devaki be depicted with a blackish complexion like her son? It is colourism at work? Colourism the bane of the darker complexioned Indian female. Mind you Krishna is believed to have had about 16,000 wives who bore him 160,000 sons. If those sons where as virile and as strong as their father and capable of vanquishing all challengers then there ought to be a lot of blue-complexioned Indians today, but there are none. Which means that either the genes for blue complexions are recessive, or all the stories about Krishna having 16000 wives are lies. There is another explanation, ie Krishna was black in complexion, ie ebony, as can be seen in many people throughout India today. Black as in Alek Wek, black as in Wesley Snipes, black as some divinely beautiful Indian girl I saw on YouTube some time ago but can't seem to find anymore.

Why the reluctance to display Devaki in her beautiful ebony complexion? Can you imagine, after losing six children and going through all these trials and tribulations to bring you Krishna himself, God himself, you dudes are so colorist and unappreciative of her so much so that you would rather display her in a blue complexion than honour her own beautiful and divine jet-black complexion?

Even the blonde-haired blue-eyed white man, can honour his own Mother of God, The Black Virgin (she has always been black, the White virgin is the novelty)

Madonna of Benrath

Madonna of Tindari

Madonna of Einsiedeln

And yet the Indian who is much closer to Her than the white man will not. The Indian, whose land has so many women who Her very image will not. How bad does this get. This is really upsetting to my Afrocentric soul.

Devaki is a compassionate woman you know. She empathizes. She empathizes with all those dark-complexioned women who suffer the taunting, the emotional cruelty and psychic abuse of colorism. Even women with much lighter complexion of Nandita Das (which isn't black at all) are deeply affected, let alone those as dark as Melanie from my one of my other articles. If she were to incarnate, how much suffering would she go through to see daughters in her own image suffer so much, she who gave you Krishna, Krishna the love of your lives? How much insults would she be subjected to herself? Is that how you would treat her, God's own mother, God's own mother incarnate? Is that how bad contemporary Indians are?

How much sadness would Devaki be put through? She the mother of the God you love so much?

Is there no end to the sadness of Devaki?

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