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The View From The Whiter Side

Submitted by Carlos Quinto on Mon, 25/03/2019 - 15:28

One afternoon, when Mr. Sheridan took two young Chinese couples out for a surf lesson in Sanya, he got an unusual request from one of the women. “Can I take this umbrella with me onto the surfboard?” she asked. Mr. Sheridan fought off laughter and soberly told her that he didn’t think it was a good idea.

But he did admire her effort. He said, “Why not have it both ways?”

I am not quite sure whether she wanted the umbrella to prevent her from getting wet or to protect her skin from the sunshine, but given that one can hardly surf without getting wet I must conclude it must have been the latter reason.

The experiences of the women here are worthy of relating in their own right, but I was prompted to contrast with an account of Chinese women's relationship with the Sun and why normal complexioned women would want to acquire skin like theirs.

I was watching a Youtube video by an African blogger and white companion and their experiences working in China, and the issues which came up in relation to skin color.

One of the points which came up was that some Chinese women were reluctant to go in holidays to countries like Thailand and Malaysia because their skins would get dark or damaged by the tropical sun. The thought that struck me was how people could cherish a trait which limits their ability to enjoy and experience your environment so much. Not only that they are conditioned to compound the situation through a lifetime of applying skin lotions which rob the skin of whatever little defences it has. Incidentally it was in Thailand that two of our daughters discovered the worthiness of their nature.

When you compare the beauty of the girls to the images below, you are prompted to ask what kind of hatred and vindictiveness exists in the external influences that prompts people with a whole range beautiful people to bread out the beauty in exchange for scenes like this.

Come on people. Do you intend to breed out your black so much so that one day you have to send your kids to the beach looking like the children of *The Creature From The Black Lagoon?

Don't be such a depressing bunch!!

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