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Victoria, Princess Royal - An Afro-German Empress

Submitted by afrocentric on Fri, 26/07/2019 - 11:30

I have another confession to make. I have a crush on Victoria, the Princess Royal. Empress of Germany, Queen of Prussia and yes, mother of the infamous Kaiser Bill. I am thoroughly smitten. You know your favourite afrocentric pundit has always been a weirdo, and here is more evidence.

How it is possible for a dude to have a crush on a woman who departed for the abode of her ancestors over a 100 years ago beats me, but there's your man. I can even imagine her in Alek Wek's ebony or Mary Blige's dark chocolate complexion. Don't say you weren't warned. There is something truly strange going on here.

There is something so Black about her, something about her that screams African. It is as though if I was face to face with her, I would rather speak to her in Twi than in English. There is something about the whole form that says Black to me. Those Victorian styles with the big behinds may be a factor, and something about being plump and well rounded, rather than the slim look which is the contemporary Western ideal. It could be her eyes, her cheekbones, her jawline, her philtrum or some or all of the combination I am trying to remember the female relatives or friends in and around the family she reminds of but I can't think of any offhand. It could be my grandmother(Ooooh no) although I would say her eyes were more in line with Queen Victoria's than the Princess Royal.

This post was prompted by the planned post about Victoria and Amber where I wanted to remark on Amber's strong resemblance to Victoria, but got to include Augusta on realizing that Amber is a dead ringer for Augusta. It is about afrocentric proof of the African roots of Europe's aristocracy, or a subset thereof.

Wanting to layout a series of side by side comparisons of Victoria and Amber rekindled my love for Victoria (dude!!!) and made me realise she warrants an article of her own. So meine Damen und Herren, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Victoria, Princess Royal, Queen of Prussia, and Empress of Germany.

It's a pity we didn't have selfies then else we would have some very interesting pics. Have you seen the one where she is sitting on her horse in her regimental uniform? The lady was truly feeling herself then.

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