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What's It With Our Women? - II

Submitted by rchurch on Wed, 10/08/2016 - 19:53

Yes, the Western woman is at it again. Yes, none other than yalls First Daughter, Ms Malia Obama.

The young lady showed up at an airport in Spain month ago wearing a dress which was much too short. Why do Western women behave like that? Here you have an 18 year old woman representing her nation, your own US of A and she was wearing a dress which would be too short by any measure, wind or no wind and the bigger question for me is why both her grandmother and mother permitted to her step of the plane in that kind of dress. Here you are, the First Lady and First Grandmother, women who are representatives of your country at the highest level allowing your daughter to appear in a state visit dressed in a tarty inappropriate manner. Why? Is there young woman so rebellious or did it not occur to you that it was inappropriate?

What I find more disturbing is why at her age she cannot adopt more personal responsibility for the image of America, and young Americans, particular, abroad.

You would think that she would be groomed for the role or taught to settle into the role of being a proper envoy for America whether in an offical role or not.

Where is the sense of ownership for that role?

Where is the sense that as young person she can be confident in dressing conversatively, as is appropriate for an envoy? Is there something about the current generation of American kids which makes them feel that they need to be flighty and airheaded to fit in with their peer group, and dressing sensibly means she is uncool and square? Is there something in the current generation of young people that makes them feel undermines their confidence about appearing sensible?

It is as though she doesn't want to commit the herself to the role, to be self-assured and authoritative, as though being so at her age makes her arrogant and opinionated.

You are faced with the sight of a young woman having to get close enough to touch cheeks with a man in public, in a dress so short and loose that she is metaphorically rubbing her exposed crotch against his? How is the man supposed to handle himself especially when he has a wife watching? What kind of awful manners are these?

Seeing her standing there with her underpants showing almost brings tears to my eyes. Why should a young female in such a role lower her standing and authority in that manner, and why did her mother and grandmother allow her? Windy or not the dress was too short, open and loose for her to be wearing it.

It is time for young Westerners and their parents to realize that there is nothing wrong with being well bred, well groomed, displaying good manners and acting the part. She is an adult woman in her own right, no matter how young (18 isn't that young) and should realize that even if she represented her own self her attire was wrong. What responsible male would want to be seen hugging (especially by his wife) a woman dressed like that even if it wasn't a state occasion or the woman was not particularly well known?

Are these displays by Western European females some kind of feminism, that expressions of their sexuality are not going to be inhibited by patriachy and all that jargon feminists trot out when they conduct themselves with unseemly manners? You ought to see that image of European defence ministers in skirts so short they had to keep their knees together and place their hands on them to stop their knickers showing, and that interesting sight of a defence minister in thigh length boots inspecting a parade, but that is another post.

Last point. Parents needs to know that their young expect them to impose some discipline, ie they behave in certain ways as a way of asking the parents to assert some authority on them. Are this mother and grandmother missing those signs, or is she simply Daddy's girl?

And there is the matter of her recent gesture when she bared her cheek and twerked. Is the woman trying too hard to fit in with her peer group, when in fact she is supposed to be the trendsetter in matters of fashion, and should be leading the way where good behaviour is concerned? Perhaps she needs to get married. This business in the West where young females are supposed to gain their BAs, MAs and PhD's before settling down is simply too much. They wind up getting married in the later 30s and early 40s and then everyone starts whingeing about the rapid growth of the Muslim population. Hodan is 25 and she already has 4 children and would love to have two more inshallah. Someone should find the young woman a good husband and get her to settle down. In this era of rapidly improving medicine much improved lifespans, she can have some kids and go to college later, not to mention that finding a high earning husband shouldn't be too difficult.

After some more research it looks like it is Westerners whose conservative sensibilities are not worthy of respect. She and her sister's attire in Liberia and Morocco was more conservative and respectful of local custom. Was the higher of proportions of Muslims in those countries a factor? Never mind that there are sizeable populations in the Western world whose values concerning dress are just as conservative. Perhaps Westerners views and expectations don't count.

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