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White skin is an illness

Submitted by Carlos Quinto on Sat, 23/03/2019 - 00:37

Shocking isn't it? Yes it is. Properly speaking it may described as a maladaption or a genetic fault, and it is fatal in any other animals other than human beings who are versatile enough to cover themselves with fabrics to protect their bare skins from sunshine. The only other animals with white skin I know of are mole rats, but that may be primarily because the live underground where they are protected from the Sun. They also have some genetic traits which provide resistance to cancer. The pigs you see which have white skin are only viable because they are bred in captivity and their exposure the Sun is controlled by their farmers. White skinned pigs need to have sunblock applied to their skin before being let out into the Sun. Naturally they can't wear clothing. Not only it seems that when they are released into the wild they revert to having more colour and hair that give their skins greater protection.

Before I proceed with this section I have to make the distinction between white skin and White people. White skin is the physical trait itself, the trait people with a cream/ivory/offwhite which tends to appear pink when suffused with blood possess. It is a trait which in its most idealized form in the old world is generally displayed by people mostly in North Europe, but is found in many other parts of the world. It is not associated with blonde or red hair in the other parts of the world where it is found, such as in China, Central Asia and Japan. White people simply means the ethnic groups constituted mainly of white skinned people. Ethnicity is more appropriate than nationality because some countries which have been mostly white in the past have had high levels of migration which have changed their ethnic composition.

The indigenes or natives of your tropical environment who naturally possess white skin in its idealized form (the type with red and blonde hair) are actually persons with albinism, with the attendant opinion that it is an illness, an affliction. For all practical purposes their skin suffers from exposure to the Sun in the same way that the skin of African albinos suffers from Sun exposure. White people restrict the term albinism to the kind with neurological symptoms which affect vision, and don't apply it to their skin, although from the perspective of a Black person, their skin types are affected by Sun exposure in the same manner.

The point I want to make here is that a preference for white skin is basically a preference for what is essentially a physical flaw. How often don't you see moles and freckles on white skin. So in effect the desire to breed for white skin is essentially a pathological cultural and social attitude, and only exists among Black people because of its relentless propagation by the media and commercial institutions White people as the trait to be desired. I think there is an instinctive fear of normal skin among White people because of an intuitive sense that it is genetically fitter, and they feel the need to daemonize it because it is a threat to their survival. It is hard to tell whether white skin is simply a badge of tribal identity they believe they should maintain, or whether their form is the product or a desire of a non-human intelligence, one that doesn't want to coexist with normal people.

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