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Why do white people have black spots on their back?

Submitted by afrocentric on Sat, 23/03/2019 - 08:44

This the lead page for a section that summarizes a few points I want to make about the white skin, white people.

The title video summarizes something in particular about a perspective on white skin that people from the belt stretching from the Mediterranean to the near orient and all the way to Japan, and people in so described Latin America don't quite understand. Many of the people from these regions had much darker-skinned populations in the past, and many still do. To all intents and purposes they are biracial, light-skinned blacks, mulattos, the kind Nordic Europeans simply label as Black on account of their olive complexions.

The African boy, not being in an environment which is flooded with images of virtues of white skin simply spots the evident flaws of white skin and calls them out like the Emperor's new clothes, something which the average dark-complexioned person in the aforementioned regions probably never gets round to noting.

The purpose is to make people with normal skin approach the matter of colourism from a perspective rooted in the strengths of the biological make up, not from the viewpoint of the slighted and disparaged whose self-esteem need building up.

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